Increased efficiency with PenLung workflow.

Our staff has noticed a huge efficiency gain since implementing the PenLung LDCT Lung Screening Management System. What used to take hours of our time is done in what seems like minutes. I would highly recommend this system to anyone participating in a LDCT screening program. The time savings are well worth the modest cost of the system.
Angela – Hospital Administration

National Registry reporting made easy.

According to CMS, reporting to the national regirstry is mandated in order to receive medicare reimbursement — PenLung facilitates this reporting and allows our billing managers to do their submissions without further interaction from me.
Scott – Radiology Manager

PenLung improves our quality of care.

Before the addition of PenLung at our facility we’d spend inordinate amounts of time tracking and reporting LDCT studies. With PenLung, we’ve cut that time in half at least. PenLung is extremely easy to use and helps us efficiently track and report our LDCT lung studies. Highly recommend!
James – Chief Radiologist

Saved us money right from the start.

Our staff realized significant efficiency gains with PenLung right out of the box. This translated to great savings within the radiology department. I would certainly recommend PenLung to anyone looking for an affordable and efficient way to track and report LDCT lung cases.
David – Director of Operations